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CNC plasma cutters for heavy duty plate cutting from Advanced Robotic Technology

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Advanced Robotic Technology has developed a series of high definition CNC plasma cutters that are specifically designed for applications in heavy duty manufacturing environments.

HDP CNC plasma cutters offer precise heavy duty cutting of steel, stainless steel and aluminium, and are mounted on routing tables that have a process area ranging from 3700mm x 1900mm up to 15000mm x 3200mm.

Employing an efficient fume extraction system to ensure air is kept clean at all times, these CNC plasma cutters deliver economically processed, high standard cut components that feature an edge quality comparable with laser cutting.

HDP CNC plasma cutters have seen a high take-up rate within Australian heavy duty manufacturing industries, with the latest installation at Concise Engineering in Perth, a high profile engineering company for the mining industry.

Power is supplied by HyPerformance Plasma HPR130XD and HPR 260XD from Hypertherm, combining fast cutting speeds, rapid process cycling and consistent quality.

The HDP range of CNC plasma cutters also features Hypertherm’s True Hole cutting technology, which produces significantly better hole quality in mild steel when compared to previous plasma cutting technology. This is delivered automatically without operator intervention.

As an optional extra, HDP CNC plasma cutters can be fitted with a drilling and tapping combination head, which significantly reduces production times as multiple processes can be carried out on one machine.

All CNC plasma cutting tables supplied by Advanced Robotic Technology feature an onboard, simple-to-learn and use touch screen controller that utilises the company’s ProfileShop controller software.

ProfileShop is compatible with most tool path generation software, including the industry standard G-Code and NC Code.

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