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ART releases Nesting Software ToolShop 2.0 with new features

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Australia’s premier manufacturer of CNC routers and plasma cutters, Advanced Robotic Technology (ART) presents the latest version of its popular toolpathing and nesting software, ToolShop incorporating a host of new features.  

Nesting Software ToolShop 2.0 is a re-engineered version of ART’s in-house developed and industry leading CAM package and focuses on integration with factory processes.  

ART Director David White explains that ToolShop 2.0 can now talk to MRP software (manufacturing scheduling software) enabling manufacturers to schedule parts in the office and have them automatically cut in the factory.  

A Windows-based software package, ART ToolShop allows users to draw and import components using standard CAD tools as well as quickly apply machining toolpaths and nest into material for minimal waste, ready for output to their CNC router or plasma cutter.  

ToolShop 2.0 can be fully integrated in existing processes and manages all necessary data such as CAD drawings, parts libraries or customer data. The software now features a full remote material library on the company network, allowing the entry of sheet and plate stock levels, which are automatically subtracted when a nest is created on that sheet.  

The extended material database can be hosted on a central server, enabling multiple ToolShop users to simultaneously get up-to-date information of current stock levels. The intelligent post processor is suitable for different machines, brands and processes including plasma cutters, lasers, routers or waterjets.  

Key improvements include fully automatic toolpathing, auto nesting function, automatic cut order, auto lead in sizing and position, nest reports, cut time projections, remnant cut-off and full material management, Excel and CSV file importing and improved true shape nesting algorithms among others.  

The simple and direct functionality of ART ToolShop gives users excellent control over all production processes.

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