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ART introduces portable CNC machining system

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article image Metaltek modular multi-function CNC machining system
Advanced Robotic Technology  (ART) presents the Metaltek modular multi-function CNC machining system designed for portable operation.

The fully portable CNC machining system incorporates a wide range of machining functions for versatile performance in the field as well as the workshop.

Metaltek modular multi-function CNC machining systems are capable of processes such as face milling, drilling, pocketing, bevelling, thread milling, tapping, plasma and oxy profiling as well as surface mapping (probing) and reverse engineering.

The portable CNC machining system allows the unit to be taken to the workpiece, especially in situations where the workpieces are simply too heavy to be transported to the machine or even too large to be machined on conventional CNC machines. The portability factor is particularly useful in industries working with large machinery such as the mining or oil & gas industries.

Portable CNC weld preparation machine

The Metaltek portable 5-axis CNC weld preparation machines are a new breed of fully portable systems that can process both curved and flat surfaces. Incorporating the latest advancements in portable CNC plasma profile cutting, Metaltek can deliver faster feeds, higher acceleration and advanced motion control algorithms.

The innovative 5-axis technology provides the ultimate weld preparation profiling machine, which combined with the Hypertherm Hyperformance HPR800xd cutting system results in high quality plasma profiling.

ART has integrated several key developments introduced over the last decade for the CNC cutting industry into the new line of CNC machines. These include milling heads, plasma cutting torches, oxy fuel torches, auto sensing drill tools and rigid tapping among others that help to increase productivity and performance.

ART’s ProfileShop V3 touchscreen controller combines ease of use with advanced features to automate all cutting settings, resulting in optimum cut quality. The new wireless pendant allows for monitoring of the machine from anywhere in the factory.

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