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Surface drilling guidance system from Advanced Mining Technologies

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Advanced Mining Technologies  offers wide range of electronic equipment for civil and mining industries including intrinsic safe equipment. Advanced Mining Technologies provides drilling guidance system is directional drilling package that employs advanced steering system to the Coal Bed Methane Industry and Horizontal Directional Drilling Industries.

Surface Drilling Guidance System from Advanced Mining Technologies provides graphical and numerical display of the progressing path to the operator. The progressive hole path is displayed left and right deviation, up and down, down track in plan, cross section and end view. Which also enables the operator to display the hole length as a whole or a section by zooming.

By using Surface Drilling System from Advanced Mining Technologies, operator can make necessary steering decisions without any maximum disruption to the drilling cycle. Along with hole path data Surface Drilling System also provides real time MECCA transmission line analysis, constant tool face measurement, battery condition analysis, etc.

Drill Guidance Systems from Advanced Mining Technologies incorporates various features which includes high speed data acquisition, colour graphical display, battery condition analysis, high accuracy steering capability, flexi-mec wire connection, optional sensor packages, constant tool face display, MECCA drill rod analysis, etc.

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