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Producing accurate finishes, even for intricate designs

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Using computerised laser cutting equipment, Advanced Cutting Technology is able to produce accurate finishes, even for the most intricate designs.

We provide the quality and service essential to produce the highest standard of laser cutting. With three laser cutting machines and over 40 years combined experience, our staff will deliver results you're sure to be pleased with.

The range of capability of our equipment is virtually unlimited. We can cut a diverse range of materials, including mild steel, high carbon steel, wood and board, aluminium, acrylics, polypropylene and titanium to name a few.

We can also cut stainless steel with Nitrogen to give a clean, bright cut with an oxide free edge, ready for welding. Plus, with our new 3 dimensional Laser Cutting Machine, we can cut formed components and shapes and six axis rotary cutting of tube, pipe, RHS and bevelling of mild steel and stainless steel plate.

Benefits of using laser beam

The combination of the remarkably narrow cut width of 0.20mm (.008") with precise computer control enables ACT to offer:

* Accuracy

* Small production runs of blanks without the procurement time or cost of press tools.

* Duplication of large blanks without the risk of marking up errors.

* Economical use of materials.

* Profiles from materials normally difficult or impossible to cut.

* A cut edge requiring little or no further finishing.

Laser beam saving you money

* The profile programme costs less than 0.5% of die cost.

* No die storage or maintenance.

* Minor design changes cost little compared with the cost of changes to hard dies.

* Parts can be closely nested to save material.

* Short runs are "off tool" quality and competitive when all hand operation costs are considered.

* Special materials can be used which are difficult or impossible to cut by other methods.

* Special service when time is critical.

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