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Power products, marine electronics from Advance Trident

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Advance Trident  is one of the distributors of quality marine products. Advance Trident specializes in distribution, sales and support of some of the worlds premier Marine Electronics and Power Conversion manufacturers. Advance Trident offer products such as marine electronics, B & G performance range, side power thrusters and power products. The marine electronics products offered by Advance Trident consists of autopilots, electronic charts, GPS navsystems, echosounders, communication, radars, instruments, sonars and safety products.

Advance Trident also offers marine electronics items such as combination products, satellite communication, magnetic compasses, spot lights, satellite television, antennas, transducers, catch monitoring, software navsystems, wireless control. The B & G performance range offers products such as h1000 System, h2000 System, h2000 Accessories, h1000 Accessories, Tactical Race Software, Wireless Control and B&G Autopilots.

The side power thrusters provided by Advance Trident comprises of categories such as single prop electric, twin prop electric, twin prop hydraulic, counter rotating electric, ignition protected, counter rotating hydraulic, thruster control and thruster accessories. The power products from Advance Trident comprises of inverters, inverter or chargers, battery chargers, monitoring, power accessories, solar products, DC-DC converters, DC power conditioners, power pack. Advance Trident offers brands such as Simrad, B&G, SIDE-POWER, Cobra Marine, JRC, Xantrex, Seiwa, ICP solar technology and so on.

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