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Analog and digital displays from Advance Trident

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The h100 system of B&G performance range, provided by Advance Trident , consists of B&G h1000 3 Function Display, B&G h1000 Analog Displays, B&G h1000 Multifunction Digital Display. The different kind of h2000 System comprises of B&G Hercules 2000 NMEA FFD Pack, B&G Hercules 20/20 Pack, B&G Hercules Grand Prix Base Pack, B&G Hercules 2000 Non-NMEA FFD Pack, B&G Hydra & Hercules 40/40 Display Pack, B&G Hercules Race Base Pack, B&G Hydra 20/20 Pack and so on.

The B&G Autopilots variety, provided by Advance Trident, comprises of B&G h1000 ACPC Pilot Pack, B&G h1000 ACP Pilot Pack, B&G h1000 Pilot Display Unit, B&G h1000 CSU Compass Sensor, B&G Halcyon Gyro Stabilised Compass, B&G Halcyon Compass Sensor, B&G Hydra 2000 Pilot Display Pack, B&G Hercules 2000 Pilot Display Pack, B&G Hydraulic Pump T2,24v, B&G Hydraulic Pump T1,12v and so on. The single prop electric under the category of side power thruster consists of items such as Sidepower SP40 S2i Thruster, Sidepower SP30 S2i Thruster and Sidepower SP55 S2i Thruster.

The ignition protected collection, available from Advance Trident consists of SP55 Si Ignition Protected, SP40 S2i Ignition Protected, SP95 Ti Ignition Protected and SP75 Ti Ignition Protected. The thruster accessories offered by Advance Trident encompasses items such as Side Power Control Cables, Fuses & Holders for Sidepower Thrusters, Sidepower Radio Remote (Bow & Stern Thruster), Sidepower Automatic Main Switch, Sidepower Series-Parallel Swichbox, Sidepower Radio Remote (Bow Thruster & Windlass), Sidepower Stern Thruster & Cowl Kits, Sidepower Thruster Tunnels.

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