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Onsite drug testing kits.


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19/03/08 - The OnTrak TesTstik –THC from Advance Diagnostics NZ is a verified tool in terms of on-site drug testing that merges unparalleled reliability as well as ease of use in an advanced cost conscious design.
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18/03/08 - Advance Diagnostics NZ offers point of care products such as Accutrend GCT Meter, Accutrend Cholesterol Strips, Advantage Glucose strips, Advantage Glucose meter, Accucheck Softclicks Pro Lancets, Urine Analysis Strips -- Roche Products and Accucheck
Supplier news
17/03/08 - Advance Diagnostics NZ offers quality alcohol as well as drug testing products.

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Breath Scan Drug Smart Test Cup & Strips Onsite Cupkit PRO-5-AS

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