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article image GoWide 2.3 Ethernet modem.

ADVATEL has announced the Australian release of the latest SHDSL modem range from Symmetricom. In addition to standard one pair and two pair modems this extensive suite of SHDSL modems includes the innovative GoWide 9.2, GoWide E1 AAL1 and the GoWide E1 ATM modems.

GoWide 9.2 is configurable for one to four pair operation. With four pairs the aggregate line speed is up to 9.2 Mbps.

When using 0.4mm standard gauge telephone cable, the full 9.2 Mbps typically reach over two kilometres under noisy CBD network conditions. In noiseless environments this can extend to four kilometres.

Where heavier gauge cable is available, the reach is substantially longer.

The GoWide 9.2 can also be used to extend distance. With four pairs operating at 512kbps each, a 2Mbps connection can be confidently delivered at distances of four kilometres in noisy environments and well in excess of five kilometres in noiseless environments with 0.4mm cables.

Inverse multiplexing technology provides true tolerance to individual line faults. If a line fault occurs, GoWide 9.2 automatically shuts down the faulty line to allow continued operation.

GoWide 2.3 (one pair) and GoWide 4.6 (two pairs) complete the GoWide SHDSL Ethernet modem range. Both have been interoperability tested with a wide range of DSLAMs and are ready for use in both point-to-point and DSLAM-based applications.

The GoWide product range includes models for delivering traditional synchronous digital services and ATM packet services. These new products leverage the growing DSLAM infrastructure to provide a wide range of low cost access options.

GoWide E1 AAL1 delivers traditional circuit based services such as primary rate ISDN, digital PABX trunks, leased lines and TDM connections. ATM quality and class of service provides robust synchronous traffic over a single converged access network.

GoWide E1 ATM delivers UNI 3.1 ATM services over SHDSL. In addition to delivering ATM data services, the GoWide E1 ATM is aimed at carriers for provisioning capacity for 3G base stations.

For added reach the GoWide E1 AAL1 and GoWide E1 ATM products are available in both one and two pair configurations.

The complete GoWide product range complies with ITU-T recommendation G.991.2 for SHDSL, meets ACA requirements and is suitable for use over all telephone grade pair cables including Unconditional Local Loops Services (ULLS) and Telstra's BizLink SHDSL services.

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