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Heartbeat system from Adtec Communications ensures workers safety

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Adtec Communications  have officially announced the release of their new Heartbeat system for ensuring the safety of people working alone in hazardous or potentially unsafe conditions.

According to Jeremy Sharp, Director of Adtec Communications, said that they have been asked by a few different organisations from lift installers through mine sites to hospitals, to offer this as a service.

Adtec Communications found that they could use a part of the ALERTS emergency call-out system in a different way to achieve what these end users needed.

Adtec Communications’ ALERTS system is used by many organisations such as the Australian Federal Police, the Victorian SES, several Rural and Country Fire Services and a few Health Authorities.

Jeremy Sharp also said that by varying the existing team member rostering function, Adtec Communications can make the system acknowledge a team member and then call that person on a regular basis. If they do not answer after 3 calls, the system then raises an alarm. This can be a call to another area or an alarm at a control centre.

The hospital application was for looking after visiting nurses in country or high-risk areas. The existing system is inadequate as it relies on the nurse on call to carry a pager or duress alarm device, which can only work if the person can get to it to raise the alarm. With the Heartbeat system, once the person has logged on, the system automatically takes over and ‘looks after’ them.

Another benefit of the system is the in-built logging capability, where all calls made to and from the system are kept as a finite record, so that any actions taken can be checked afterwards. This is invaluable in the event of a critical incident, which may have to be officially investigated later.

Adtec Communications have had a long association with providing critical communications solutions to Government and Corporate entities. Other key customers include the Federal Department of Health and Ageing, NSW Air Ambulance and NETS (Neonatal Emergency Transport Service) in various States. Adtec Communications have also built and installed the Telephone Conferencing infrastructure used by Education Queensland to replace the old ‘School of the Air’ network.

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