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ACCORDING to Adtec Communications MD Jeremy Sharp, many companies have a Disaster Recovery (DR) plan that is usually sitting in the drawer of some manager rather than being readily available for when an emergency situation response is needed.

"I would doubt that many companies have a full idea of DR - some of them have a plan sitting in a drawer somewhere; some don't know they even have a plan, whilst others don't have a fully worked out plan at all,” Mr Sharp said.

“Basically, Disaster Recovery without a plan equals disaster.

"It's like anything else, if you don't have a smoke detector in your house and there is a fire, you are in serious trouble. Likewise in a business, if you don't have a simple and easily accessible plan for when something goes wrong - and simple being the key word here because if you make it too complex then it won't work - then your business could be in trouble," he said.

That, according to Mr Sharp is the principle behind the Adtec ALERTS (or Adtec Linked Emergency Response Telephone System) software.

"The beauty of ALERTS is its simplicity,” Mr Sharp said.

"All you have to do to activate the system is press a button on a telephone. No need for looking for files or plans hidden in someone's office or locked away in someone's computer. The whole concept behind ALERTS is its simplicity - just by calling the number you get things moving"

"When you call that one number, the system takes over and cuts out that first bit of panic and gets your emergency team together quickly and efficiently."

ALERTS is a fully-scalable robust and reliable emergency communications system designed to link emergency services, police and even anti-terrorist forces over an easy-to-use and dependable communications network.

The system provides fast, easy and reliable emergency services communications, alerting for disaster recovery, trauma team notification, team conference calls and messaging tailored to the specific needs of the various emergency services operations, whether they are remote mining communities or corporates situated in the middle of a CBD.

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