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Early Warning System (EWS) Voice page

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EWS Voice Page, now available from Adtec Communications ,  is specifically designed for situations where mass numbers of people need to be alerted to an impending threat situation. Most commonly EWS Voice Page issues such alerts via voice message(s) to land-line & mobile telephones but it can also simultaneously utilise other media such as SMS & email. The list of numbers to be alerted can emanate from a variety of sources and be made available to the ALERTS system using a pre-determined integration connection. For example, these numbers could be from a geo-coded map-based polygon, or similar.
Typical Process example

1) Initiator dials into system and following the prompt, enters the appropriate PIN to select the targeted group, or area.
2) Initiator is prompted to record a warning message, check for accuracy then hang up.
3) System then immediately dials all phone numbers selected from the data base.
4) When a number answers the call, the message is automatically re-played to the recipient.
5) The recipient is instructed to press a key to acknowledge that the message has been received.
6) The ALERTS system then clears down the call. Calling List SizesCalling List sizes are unlimited. Messages can be sent to large numbers of people.

Additional Features:

  •  Detailed logging of all activity including responses from recipients.
  •  All voice traffic can be recorded if necessary.
  •  Individual or group PINs may be used.
  •  System can be set to call numbers repeatedly until message has been delivered & acknowledged.
  •  EWS Voice Page initiator can receive an SMS or email to advise of responses to the message. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) DescriptionThe IVR service increases the flexibility of the system by allowing users to navigate a recorded voice menu (similar to phone banking).

All listed functionality may be made available through this IVR tree. Some options may be kept silent so that only familiar users know they are there and keying ahead is available. As well as accessing system services the IVR may be set up as an information service allowing users to access pre-recorded messages or warnings.

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