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Shade houses from Adloheat

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Adloheat  offers innovative range of horticulture products for gardening requirements. Adloheat offers green houses, hot houses, shade house and benchings. Adloheat’s product range includes climate control products, flexible heat pads, benches, houses, plant stands and propagating equipment.

Adloheat offers different types of houses which include shade houses, hot houses, mini houses, half covers, economy house ad lean-to-houses. Hot houses from Adloheat are ideal for water shortage days like no wastage of water and non run off, watering in controlled environment which prevents excess water usage; hydroponics uses only minimal water, very minimal evaporation from wind, etc.

Adloheat offers shade houses which are commonly used for cymbidiums, ferns, palms, revitalizing indoor plants and for shade loving plants. Frames of the shade house are manufactured from BHP galvanised steel and consists of a custom sewn good quality shadecloth which has extra durability and strength.

Adloheat offers lean-to-house products designed in such a way that it can be attached to an existing structure. All lean houses consist of door vent and end vent with galvanised steel frame, door handle and one hinged door.

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