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Quad differential line driver

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SIPEX Corporation, represented by Adilam , has introduced the SP26LV431 and SP26LV432. The SP26LV431 is a quad channel RS422 line driver; the SP26LV431 is a quad channel receiver.

Both devices are EIA/TIA-422-B compliant and provide pin-out compatible with the industry standard 26C31 and 26C32 footprint.

These devices are ideal for point-to-point or multi-drop transmission lines with up to 10 receivers per segment over links up to 4000 feet.

Four independent channels and very high maximum data rates make these products an ideal upgrade for carrying data and timing signals over high performance buses or backplanes.

Key features include:

* Up to 60Mbps data rate per channel, sufficient to match T-3/E3, OC-1, or HSSI line rates.

* Less than 1ns driver output skew maximum.

* Open-receiver failsafe protection (SP26LV432).

* Excellent noise rejection.

* 3.0 to 3.6V operation.

* 200mV receiver sensitivity over ±7.0V common mode range.

* Positive or negative polarity enable-control pins.

* Industry standard package and pin-out footprints.

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