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Perfect position converter pin technology

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C&D Technologies, represented by Adilam Electronics , is applying a new pin technology to high current DC/DC converters that enhances mechanical mounting integrity and improves mounting accuracy by eliminating the possibility of component movement during assembly.

Position Perfect technology also allows higher currents to be handled by the converter pins when compared with conventional technologies to ensure that full rated current can be delivered to the host PCB in most dc/dc converter models.

Finally, the Position Perfect design is plated with a matte tin over nickel for future lead free compatibility.

Some dc/dc converter manufacturers use solder ball interfaces for self-leveling of pins during placement. A major disadvantage of this is that the solder balls can cause the component to slide, resulting in the need to reposition the part or even re-assemble the PCB.

Position Perfect interconnects, however, use precision-designed copper pillars that are attached to the converter through a high-speed automatic swaging process.

A post-swaging crop process results in an extremely level surface and a guaranteed pin coplanarity of less than 0.1mm. The flat pin surface eliminates the possibility of movement during assembly, while the guaranteed coplanarity ensures accurate registration of the converter on the PCB.

Furthermore, by effectively riveting the pin to the converter's internal PCB, the swaging process delivers significantly enhanced mechanical integrity.

C&D Technologies has developed the new pin technology to help designers take full advantage of today's surface mount, high current dc/dc converters.

The annular ring on the host board used to accommodate a through hole dc/dc converter is all that is needed to affix dc/dc converters built with Position Perfect interfaces.

Converters with Position Perfect interconnects are designed for use with high-volume automated manufacturing processes. Automated handling of SMT converters allows for increased throughput, reduced lead times and cost savings.

The nature of the pin design also allows manufacturers to use Position Perfect dc/dc converters in conventional through-hole assembly applications.

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