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LPC2800 family of microcontrollers from Adilam Electronics

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The LPC2800 family of microcontrollers is based on an ARM7TDMI-STM CPU, with realtime emulation. Multiple serial communication interfaces, including Hi-Speed USB (480 Mbps), increase design flexibility, provide larger buffer size, and deliver high processing power.

As a result, LPC2800 devices are an exceptionally good choice for applications that involve the control of USB peripherals, including SmartCard readers and USB-based battery-powered devices.

The LPC2880 has 64 KB of on-chip RAM, 32 KB of on-chip ROM, an external memory controller for use with SDRAM, SRAM, and NOR and NAND Flash, plus, an 8-KB cache for enhanced performance from external memory.

The LPC2888 builds on the LPC2880 architecture by adding 1 MB of on-chip Flash.

Key features:

Advanced, flexible memory capabilities

  • 1-MB Flash (LPC2888 only), 64-KB RAM, 32-KB ROM
  • External memory controller for SDRAM, NOR, NAND Flash, SRAM
  • 8-KB cache for enhanced performance from external memory

Comprehensive peripheral support

  • Hi-Speed USB (480 Mbps) with on-chip PHY
  • MultiMediaCard, I2S, LCD controller interfaces
  • General-purpose DMA

Power-supply subsystems

  • Integrated, high-efficiency switching and linear regulators
  • Operation from single AA(A) battery cell (0.9 to 1.6 V)
  • Operation from 5-V USB input

Temperature range: -40 to +85 °C

    TFBGA180 package (10 x 10 x 0.8 mm)


    • Portable, battery-powered devices
    • USB devices
    • Peripheral control (SmartCard readers, printers, scanners, etc)
    • Instrumentation

    LPC2800 family of microcontrollers are available from Adilam Electronics .

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