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High speed serial port transceiver

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SIPEX Corporation, represented by Adilam , has introduced a new 3V RS232 transceiver, the SP3282EB. The device includes five drivers and three receivers for support of all modem handshake signals used in standard PC modem software.

A high serial data rate of 250kbps enables users to enjoy the full download speeds available in advanced wireless networks such as GPRS, EDGE or CDMA2000.

The SP3282EB is an ideal solution for PC to cell phone data cables used to upload or download data, photos or music and for wireless handhelds with a high-speed internet modem.

The SP3282EB offers robust ESD protection on both the RS232 pins and CMOS/TTL-logic pins. The device's enhanced ESD rating on all I/O pins protects the device to ñ15kV Human Body Model, ñ15kV IEC 1000-4-2 Air Discharge and ñ8kV IEC 1000-4-2 Contact Discharge.

The SP3282EB operates from a single +2.35V to 5.5V voltage supply range. Intelligent onboard charge pumps generate full RS232 driver outputs down to 3.1V and RS232-compatible outputs down to +2.35V. This wide supply voltage range allows the device to be powered directly off unregulated Lithium-Ion batteries.

A special VL pin controls the logic input and output levels, thus eliminating the need for external translators to interoperate with logic levels from 5.5V to 1.8V.

SP3282EB is available now in 28-pin TSSOP and SSOP packages.

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