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INTEGRATION Associates, represented in Australia by Adilam Electronics , has released EZRadio frequency shift keying (FSK) wireless chipsets, the IA4420 and IA4421 transceivers. The transceivers enable bidirectional communication for low-cost, high-performance wireless applications in the consumer electronics, automotive, toy, home automation and building security markets.

The EZRadio transceivers are completely software-programmable, providing flexibility to electronic designers. They combine an automatic antenna tuning technology in a highly-integrated radio frequency (RF) chipset. This provides reliable connectivity while reducing the bill of materials and production costs. The transceivers also have features that extend battery life and allow the use of less expensive crystals and microcontrollers.

The EZRadio transceiver is available as a low power amplifier and a high power amplifier. The IA4420 is a low-power 4dB amplifier. Due its high sensitivity, it has a limited range of 100m outdoors and 40m indoors. The IA4421 is a high-power 8dB amplifier for longer distance applications.

They cover the 315MHz, 433MHz, 868MHz and 915MHz FCC and ETSI ISM bands. They have a 25 6kbps maximum bit rate. Development and evaluation toolkits are available. The EZRadio FSK wireless chipset family also includes the IA4220 low power transmitter, the IA4221 high power transmitter and the IA4320 receiver.

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