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Buck regulator for powered PDAs

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SIPEX Corporation, represented by Adilam Electronics , has announced the availability of its new 800mA synchronous buck regulator, the SP6651A.

This latest addition to Sipex's family of power management ICs is designed specifically for lithium-ion powered PDAs, DSCs, and MP3 Players.

The SP6651A's 98% efficiency insures a longer battery operating life. Its ultra low quiescent current (20μA) extends standby time and its ultra low quiescent current in dropout (80μA) extends PDA memory retention when the system battery is depleted.

The SP6651A is an 800mA synchronous buck regulator IC designed to deliver conditioned power from a PDA's lithium ion battery to its core processor, and other key on board digital electronics, including memory.

The SP6651A's ability to operate at 98% efficiency and its 20μA standby quiescent current extends the battery operating life. The IC's ultra low 80μA quiescent current in drop out permits the PDA to retain memory even when the battery is quite depleted.

Three additional key features contribute to the SP6651A's outstanding performance. Its adjustable output voltage supports standard 1.5V and 1.75V processor core voltages and standard 3.3V system level voltages with a single IC.

Its programmable UVLO function (2.7V, 2.85V or 3.0V) insures that adequate power levels are present in the system for proper logic operation.

Its small package (10 lead MSOP), and its very few, miniature external components (including only one 10μH coil and two, 22μF capacitors) occupy very little board space. SP6651A operates over the temperature range -40°C to 85°C.

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