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Ac/dc front end power supply

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article image Is available with standby voltages of either 3.3V or 5V.

C&D Technologies, represented by Adilam , has announced the availability of a new ac/dc front-end power supply. The D1U-W-1600-12-HC delivers up to 1600W (220Vac), 1200W (110Vac) from its 12V output.

The 1U high unit has leading power density of 17.5W/cu.in (1.1W/cm3) and delivers highly efficient, reliable performance.

Typical applications for the D1U-W-1600-12-HC include blade servers, workstations, storage systems and any system using a 12V distributed power architecture.

The unit uses proven topology and uses high-density dc/dc packaging techniques to maximise space efficiency.

Planar magnetic devices are used to provide better quality and tighter process control.

Features include:

* 1200W/1600W ac/dc

* 12V output with either 3.3V or 5.5V standby

* N+1 Redundancy, hot-docking

* I2C bus, status indicators

* Integral fans

* Optional 1U 19in. Powershelf.

The D1U-W-1600-12-HC is available with standby voltages of either 3.3V or 5V.

Key features of the comprehensive specification include N+1 redundancy, hot-swapabilty, active current share, an I2C bus, status indicators and over-voltage, over-current and over-temperature protection.

Overall dimensions of the unit are 304.8mm x 120.7mm x 40.6mm. Operating temperature range is 0°C to +50°C. The enclosure incorporates cooling fans.

Three D1U-W-1600-12-HC units fit into an optional 1U high 19" wide Powershelf, for a total system power of 4,800W.

"Our engineering team did an outstanding job in leveraging the high density board mount power packaging techniques in this D1U product line,” said C&D's director for business development, Kulbir Dhillon.

“The power density for the output power train is 90W/cubic inch, making it possible for the overall power density to be 17.5W/cubic inch for the power supply.

“The functional island approach enables flexibility for different output voltages and standby voltages in the product family. The converter topology and component set has proven track record in the field.”

“This D1U product line is optimised electrically, mechanically and thermally to meet our customers' expectations," added Mr Dhillon.

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