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Adept Turnkey introduces Phantom Miro M320S high speed/slow motion cameras

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article image Phantom Miro M320S cameras can capture full HD up to 1540fps
Adept Turnkey states that its Vision Research Team has done it again with the release of Phantom Miro M320S high speed/slow motion cameras, which the company describes as the most accessible professional units on the market.

These high speed/slow motion cameras are competitively priced, and feature:
  • full HD ultra high-speed up to 1540fps
  • excellent low light performance
  • a small form factor; and
  • a lightweight body.
Advanced functionality has been incorporated into the design of these cameras, providing sophisticated functions previously available only in far more expensive devices.

Scientists and engineers in particular will be able to take advantage of features such as:
  • 3.2 Gpx/s throughput
  • precise timing
  • camera synchronisation
  • flexible triggering; and
  • excellent light sensitivity.
In addition, Miro 320S cameras can be attached to a unique CineFlash device, which is a removable, non-volatile storage device that slides into the camera body and provides a way to save quickly the raw cine files from the camera's memory without the need for time-consuming and costly downloads.

The CineFlash module can later be removed from the camera and inserted into a docking station connected to a computer making the images stored on the CineFlash immediately available on the computer.

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