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Range of 3M spray adhesives and cleaners available from Adept Industrial Solutions

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Adept Industrial Solutions  supplies a full range of 3M spray adhesive and cleaner products that at only one touch of a finger prepares bonds, cleans, or handles a variety of jobs you may have.

3M 74 foam fast spray adhesive: For permanent mounting, general upholstery foam bonding.

3M 75 repositionable spray adhesive: Has an extra-long tack range that allows you to reposition materials.

3M 76 high tack spray adhesive: For a permanent bond, bonds many hard to hold materials such as polyethylene and polypropylene.

3M 77 super spray adhesive: For a permanent bond. High coverage, fast, aggressive tack, and a long bonding range. Bonds gaskets in water pumps, and attaches insulation to sheet metal.

3M 80 neoprene contact adhesive: For a permanent bond. Can be used for all types of rubber bonding except EPDM can adheres stainless steel panels, stiffeners, metal kick plates and most plastics, laminates and wood product.

3M 90 hi-strength spray adhesive: Permanent bond. It is an adhesive that works on particle board, polyethylene, polypropylene and SBR rubber. The 3M 90 bonds decorative laminates to tables, cabinets, and shelving, kick plates to desks, and plastic sign lettering to wood.

3M 300 hIPA clean: An isopropyl alcohol (IPA) spray that cleans surfaces prior to the application of an adhesive. Safe to use, Leaves no residue. Clean surfaces prior to bonding.

3M 700 adhesive cleaner and solvent: Ideal for cleaning heavily contaminated surfaces prior to bonding, removable of adhesive residue, or dismantling previously bonded articles. It leaves no residue and is a versatile general use solvent in aerosol form.

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