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Ringjets air movers and amplifiers from Adelaide Pneumatic Sales

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Adelaide Pneumatic Sales  has a range of Ringjets air movers, amplifiers and conveyors.

Standard models:

The Ringjets are a range of small, versatile bladeless fans suitable for a wide variety of blowing and extraction applications; typically fume and moisture removal, small particle conveying (pellets, filings and paper trimmings) and cooling.

The standard models incorporate a discharge ribbed hose spigot. Ringjets can be positioned immediately adjacent to the product, typically using the variable position Rigiflex hose accessory. Ringjets can be split through a casing wall (bulkhead mounting).

Special conveyor models incorporate both suction and delivery hose rib spigots and can be used in series to cover greater distances.

Seven models in the standard range have throat diameters from 6mm-75mm (1/4"-3") and achieve outlet air flows from 221-2000m3/hr (130-1100cfm).

Ringjets are available in a choice of materials to suit service conditions: aluminium, PVC, stainless steel, brass.

Ringjet conveyors:

Ringjet conveyors are similar to the standard range except they have a hose connection spigot on both intake and discharge side.

Ringjets can also be used for:

  • Rapid cooling of castings
  • Cooling plastic injection mouldings
  • Removal of welding fumes
  • Removal of paint fumes
  • Drying crates after washing
  • Cooling paper products
  • Quick drying of chocolates
  • Fresh air delivery
  • Extracting swarf and oil mist
  • Removal of paper dust and trim

Following are some typical conveyor applications:

  • Plastic granules
  • Small components
  • Paper trim
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Powders
  • Moving bulk pellets, powder etc from hopper to processing machine

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