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Functional modules available from Adelaide Pneumatic Sales

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article image TK DIN/ISO tool changer

Functional modules are compensation elements which integrate to enable movement in different directions.

Complex assembly problems can be overcome relatively easily by combining functional modules. False positioning can be compensated by degrees of freedom which can be applied.

Functional modules are used as compensation elements in assembly operations as well as the loading and unloading of machines and workplace holders.

Automated functions, which could be implemented only with considerable effort for accurate positioning in the past are no longer a problem.

TK DIN/ISO tool changer ISO robot tool change adapter:

The tool changer has been designed and built to meet stringent specifications of automobile manufacturers. The tool changer features a high number of air ports, electric contacts (12 or 24 pins), and hydraulic and water ports for the welding gun tool changer.

It allows fast and problem-free changing from tools and grippers at robots and gantries up to a payload of 1000kg. Transmission of electrical signals by spring fitted contact pins. Coupling and uncoupling of pneumatic and hydraulic lines.

The robot side has an ISO mounting pattern to fit the robot flange directly, without an additional adapter plate. The locking mechanism, with cone and several hardened balls generates a high holding force and is failsafe due to the spring behind the locking cylinder.

It compensates for misalignment at pick up by as much as 1/8”: once the robot side is about 1/8” distance to the tool side firing the locking mechanism will pull up the tool and lock it, thus allowing for faster cycle times.


  • Specific splash-proof execution, IP65 sealed electrical signal transmission, tool changer with internal routing, stainless steel tool changer for pharmaceutical, medical or food industry

Models: TK series tool changer

  • TK-40, TK-50,TK-63, TK-80, TK-125, TK-160, TK- 200-R, TK-200 R-SV, TK-200T, TK-300-Alu-R, TK-300 R-SV, TK-300-Alu-T, TK-300-ST-R, TK-300-ST-R-SV, TK-300-ST-T

Functional modules available from Adelaide Pneumatic Sales include these series:

  • FM series remote centre compliance wrist
  • KA series lateral alignment X-Y device
  • ULS and ULD series robot load limiter
  • ZN Z axis compliance device
  • RR series rotary actuator
  • KMS- Si force and torque sensor
  • 12 DOF sensor series

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