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Decentralised vacuum pump from Adelaide Pneumatic Sales

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PIAB has introduced a decentralised vacuum pump for sealed applications. The pump is equipped with an integrated air-saving function and a Coax cartridge Mini PI12-2. The pump also contains a built-in check valve on a blow-off port.

Customer benefits:

The Vacustat-Coax unit available from Adelaide Pneumatic Sales is an energy-saving solution for handling sealed objects with suction cups.

Since the position of the pump will be right at the suction cup, the risk for micro leakage in fittings and hoses are considerably reduced in comparison to a centralised ES system, such as an AVM or a Classic ES system.

The small volume that is necessary to evacuate (just the cup) means that the air-saving mode will be reached almost instantly.

Energy savings compared to systems without ES (energy saving) function can be up to 99%, depending on the cycle time. The decentralised Vacustat-Coax solution can save up to 50-80% in air consumption.

  • Highly energy efficient
  • Fast response and quick release
  • Reliable performance even at low feed pressures
  • Easy to operate – no PLC programming or settings
  • Easy to install – no electrical installations
  • Durable
  • Low-profile design means low building height

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