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Adelaide Electric Motors provides a range of pumps and generators

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Adelaide Electric Motors  is a specialist in providing different types of electric motors, domestic pumps and industrial pumps for domestic, industrial and commercial applications. Special pumps for rain water harvesting in homes and gardening pumps are provided by Adelaide Electric Motors. The Davey RainBank is an automatic controller for rainwater harvesting supplied by Adelaide Electric Motors that can be fitted into new and existing homes and can save up to forty percent of household drinking quality water.

Rain water harvesting systems from Adelaide Electric Motors are environment friendly and also come with built in backflow protection valves to avoid backflow of water from the storage tank to the mains. This prevents potential contamination of the mains water supply.

Range of farm pumps from Adelaide Electric Motors encompass engine operated pumps, shallow an deep well pumps, sewage and drainage pumps and pump accessories. Special submersible borehole pumps and water transfer pumps are also offered by Adelaide Electric Motors.

Adelaide Electric Motors also specialises in providing generators for domestic and industrial purposes. The ultra portable Yamaha inverter generator from Adelaide Electric Motors is an ideal model for camping needs and is embedded with special noise control technology. Petrol and diesel generator models are also available from Adelaide Electric Motors.

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