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Addsoft offers mathematical and calculus based software tools

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Addsoft  is a renowned supplier of advanced software products that are used by corporates, educations institutions, individual professionals and industrial personnel. Addsoft also offers a host of software products that are based on mathematics and calculus.

Calculus WIZ is one such product that is used by students extensively to aid in understanding concepts and has four main parts namely solvers that allows checking of homework solutions, tutorials that offer topical explanations, dimensional graphics that help in better understanding and simulation that gives the students a chance to try out model problems.

Mathematica is another popular software from Addsoft that aids in programming, calculating, learning, developing or documenting operations. With advanced connectivity and symbolic computational engine, Mathematica is a one stop shop of any organisation’s technical work.

Mathematica also includes generic and electronic block libraries for simulating continuous processes. Mathematica’s combination of computational sophistication and programmability makes it ideal for prototyping and developing complete applications. Typical uses of Mathematica include modelling and simulations ranging from simple control systems to galaxy collisions, financial derivatives, chemical reactions and complex biological systems.

Addsoft also offers special public training programs for simulation software that help the trainees in relating with real life industrial processes and analysis. Special programs for students in basic mathematical and statistical principles are also offered by Addsoft.

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