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Complete business system for professional services delivered by Addax

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Managing services based companies such as architects, professional services organisations and mining services organisations requires domain expertise. Success is dependent not only on that expertise but as much on an effective solution for running day to day financial and marketing operations, so managers can focus on their domain expertise and deliver superior professional services.

Addax delivers a complete system for managing a professional service business that allows service managers to capitalise on identified opportunities, improve cash flow and profitability, be effective time and expense managers, both in and out of the office and achieve efficient utilisation of staff resources to win and deliver projects or services. This business system provides the ability to use standard tools such as excel spreadsheets for key business activities, such as estimating and budgeting and timesheets and uploading data while being linked directly to the database that holds the financial and work management data.  

The advantages of both database and spreadsheet are directly available, which means that both regular and sophisticated information users can gain the best benefit from the business systems. At the same time, security is maintained and data is available in one place for use, as needed by all people involved in the operation.

The result is that professional service companies can focus on not only their particular expertise, but also on winning business and service delivery while knowing that key organizational data is secure and available when needed to show key performance indicators for each manager and division.


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