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Fueling requirements for diesel forklifts from Adaptalift Hyster

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article image Refueling diesel forklifts.

Adaptalift Hyster has extensive experience working with a wide range of forklift types, and here discusses diesel forklifts and their fuel requirements.

Diesel forklifts are ideal for heavy lifting and outdoors use as they typically come with pneumatic tires allowing heavy load lifts from 900kg (lifting/moving pallets) to 45 tons (ISO Container).

They also have a much greater ground clearance than other forklifts so can maneuver around protruding objects on asphalt pavement or unpaved roads.

One main advantage of diesel forklifts are that running costs are lower compared to gas fuelled forklifts. Diesel also lasts longer and has quick refueling capabilities. Refueling a diesel forklift can take five minutes as opposed to refueling an electric forklift.

The diesel forklift also has a number of disadvantages including diesel fuel cost compared to other fuels but their engines are loud. The forklift is heavier and must be used in well ventilated areas.

A diesel forklift requires more consumable parts such as tyres, emissions maintenance, oil and filter changes. They also require a fuel reserve storage room that meets EPA standards and unfortunately, takes up valuable space.

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