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Forklift Battery Maintenance: Extending Battery Life by Adaptalift Hyster

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Adaptalift Hyster  specialises in the supply of the full Hyster range of forklifts in addition to providing forklift fleet management solutions as well as forklift driver training and licensing courses.  

Regular battery maintenance is critical to its longevity, yet owners and operators neglect their batteries resulting in unforeseen costs.  

Forklift battery maintenance impacts costs, safety and the forklift’s life. A significant number of forklifts are powered electronically with expensive batteries.  

Proper maintenance and care is therefore necessary to lengthen the lifespan of forklifts and their batteries.  

Key benefits of a battery maintenance schedule include: 

  • Lower expenses
  • Improved safety
  • Greater performance
  • Extended lifespan

Do’s and Don’ts of Battery Charging 

Forklift batteries are designed for long life and to perform reliably in extended usage conditions.  

It is equally important for the user to ensure proper charging of the battery to enable desired performance.  

Do's of Battery Charging  

  • Select equalise/weekend charge option for every five to ten charge cycles. Each battery benefits from this by keeping the cell voltages even and in line
  • Battery must be charged when it reaches 80% discharge

Don'ts of Battery Charging  

  • Battery should not be charged everyday
  • Discharged battery must not be allowed to sit for more than a day
  • Opportunity charging must not be done
  • Always charge a battery in a well-ventilated area
  • Never interrupt a charge cycle if it is unnecessary

Forklift battery maintenance

Simple self maintenance helps forklift users gain general knowledge about their forklift batteries in addition to increasing lifespan and savings. 

  • Check water levels and top up appropriately every 10 or so charges for the first few years
  • Reconditioned batteries require topping up every 5 charges
  • While topping up, pour a sufficient amount to cover the plastic element protector by roughly ¼ of an inch
  • Top up batteries with clean water after charging and never before
  • Check two or three pilot cells every 5 or so charges to check that the fluid level is above the perforated plastic element protector after charge
  • Avoid overfilling as it causes overflow on the next charge
  • Acid loss caused by overflow will inevitably shorten overall running time, cause overheating and require a shop service to rectify


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