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ForkTrack from Adaptalift Hyster – the future in forklift safety

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According to Adaptalift Hyster , a forklift operator received fatal injuries when the forklift he was operating overturned on a ramp he was descending. The operator was found hours later trapped between the frame of the forklift and the ground when it overturned while exiting the building onto a roadway.

The subsequent investigation found:

  1. The operator did not have a forklift licence and was not authorised to use the vehicle.
  2. The forklift was being used without the employer’s knowledge.
  3. The forklift was being used on a gradient, not in its intended area, but elsewhere.
  4. The forklift was in an inoperable condition.
  5. The load was over the safe working limit.

Adaptalift Hyster offer the ForkTrack forklift safety device. If this workplace safety was installed:

  • The warning buzzer would have warned the operator of selected unsafe event, such as load weight.
  • Zoned speed control would not have allowed the operator to use the vehicle outside designated areas.
  • Unauthorised operators would be locked out of the forklifts. It tracks all licensed operators
  • Speed can be controlled at all times.
  • Operators would have had a clear picture of the vehicles engine performance.
  • Online reporting would have alerted both the company and AAL staff to the impact, dispatching help upon receiving the alert.

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