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NEW-generation hydraulic technology that addresses some of the most common problems in industrial production and maintenance is being showcased by Enerpac at this year's Queensland Industrial Exhibition.

Stars of the show in Brisbane from August 30 to September 1 include easily handled torque wrenches that solve bolting problems, flange spreaders that take the errors out of pipe splitting and rapid actuation Turbo pumps that use their own exhaust air to boost performance.

The 700 bar (10,000psi) array of equipment is part of the broad Enerpac Australia range of sophisticated heavy duty maintenance, fabrication and lifting equipment, which is available in capacities from a few hundred kiloNewtons of force to massive cylinders that can hoist weights equivalent to the biggest fully loaded Boeing 747 jumbo jet (more than 500 tonnes).

With sales topping $750 million a year, Enerpac's parent organisation Actuant is the world's largest producer of high-force tools and a leading supplier to Asia-Pacific industry for more than 30 years.

Enerpac will present products including:

· Easily handled hydraulic torque wrenches that are simple, light and safe to use. Enerpac's SQD square drive and HXD hexagon cassette series each provide exceptional torque-to-weight ratios for bolting tasks. The SQD series - with models producing 2,350-27,000Nm and weighing between 2-24kg - features a slim-nose radius and 360-degree swivel hose connection for easier tool positioning in confined areas.

· New versions of one of the fastest-acting air-hydraulic pumps available, the Enerpac Turbo Pump, which uses turbocharger technology to boost performance and rapidly actuate hydraulic tools. The new Turbo II Series Pumps - which recycle their own exhaust air to help boost pump power and save operators' time - have been enhanced with new features offering even greater durability, productivity and trouble-free performance. The Turbo II Series Pumps feature a new design of high efficiency cast aluminium air motor that is fully serviceable, a reinforced heavy duty reservoir, lower starting air pressures and reduced operating noise levels, down to 76dBA.

· Hydraulic and mechanical flange spreaders that save time and remove hazards from the often troublesome process of splitting pipes and other flanged joints. The FSH hydraulic spreaders and complementary FSM mechanical spreaders feature an integrated wedge splitter head design that provides friction-free, smooth and parallel wedge movement to eliminate flange damage and the risk of spreading arm failure. Safety is enhanced by the interlocking wedge design's elimination of first step bending and the resulting risk of stepping out of joint. Applied Power Australia 02 9743 8988.

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