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Air traffic management solutions and services from Adacel Technologies

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Adacel Technologies  specialises in providing quality solutions and services to the aviation industry in Australia and a host of other nations throughout the world. The air traffic management products and services from Adacel Technologies are used by some of the world’s leading navigation service providers. These solutions are environment friendly and help the airlines in reducing their fuel burn and greenhouse gas emission levels.

The flagship product of Adacel Technologies is the Aurora system that provides high level flight data processing that includes all available sources like radar and multilateration for developing controller pilot data link communication an advanced conflict determination. The Aurora system supports all air traffic domains like enroute, oceanic, approach and tower. The system also uses high resolution displays with low cost commercially available workstations that reduce overall system costs and manual work load.

Adacel Technologies offers air traffic management automation for the Federal Aviation Administration's Advanced Technologies and Oceanic Procedures. These help in providing functionality enabling system efficiencies that aid in emission reduction. They also include dynamic airspace allocation, automatic dependent surveillance contract and broadcast options.

Adacel Technologies also offers a variety of specialised programs for air traffic control, pilot training, driver training, aircraft marshalling training and intelligent agent simulation.

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