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Human vibration measurements (whole-body set)

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article image The SVAN 948 analyser kit.

THE SVAN 948 four-channel sound and vibration meter and analyser together with SV 39A/L seat accelerometer is an ideal choice for the human vibration (according to the ISO 2631-1&2) whole-body measurements.

Available from Acu-Vib Electronics , this set is equipped with all required weighting filters and triaxial transducer for obtaining accurate results in a fast and easy way.

The SVAN 948 analyser has a built-in vibration dose calculator which can supply: current exposure, daily exposure, current dose, daily dose, time in which warning Exposure Action Value (EAV) will be obtained, time left to obtain warning EAV, time in which Exposure Limit Value (ELV) will be obtained and time left to obtain ELV.

The large 32MB or 64MB (option) internal memory of the SVAN 948 instrument allows recording time history of all four channels over the whole working day.

Measurement results can be easily downloaded to any PC using the USB 1.1 interface and SvanPC+ software.

The robust, lightweight construction completes the features of this instrument.

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