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Air conditioning products and services from Actrol Parts

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Actrol Parts  is one of the leading distributors of air conditioning systems and related accessories and parts for over half a century in Australia. In the new line of products under Actrol Parts, Airwell and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries air conditioner are available.

The SuperPair FR from Actrol Parts is a new approach to insulated copper tubing in air conditioners and refrigerators. This system helps provide three metre straight lengths of paired annealed refrigeration grade copper tubes that are individually packaged. The Limpet condensate pumps from Actrol Parts take no room inside the air conditioner and can be neatly mounted underneath the indoor unit. It also comes with an inbuilt alarm circuit and non return valves.

Various types of air conditioners under famous and reliable brands are offered by Actrol Parts. Air conditioner controls like domestic air damper actuators, adaptable thermostats, electronic room thermostats and universal controllers are also provided by Actrol Parts.

Air filtration products like flat panel filters, disposable filters, grease filters, filter media, spray booth filters, compact pocket filters, cartridge filters, multipeak filters, high temperature filter, cone filters, replacement bag filters and evaporative cooler pads are also available from Actrol Parts. Further, Actrol Parts has also entered the safety equipment sector with its range of personnel protection products like sunglasses, high visibility safety vests, hearing protection, gloves and first aid kits.

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