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Actrol Parts provides a host of special refrigeration products

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Actrol Parts  is a leading company offering a host of refrigeration products for every requirement in the industry. Refrigeration products from Actrol Parts encompass a wide range of standard parts, fittings and accessories. Some popular brands of refrigeration hinges from Actrol Parts include Kason, Nordon, Efco and Marget. They include reversible hinges, light and medium duty hinges, medium duty locks and strikes, latches and heavy duty locks and strikes for commercial cool rooms and cold stores. Special valves for hot gas defrosting and reversing valves are also offered by Actrol Parts.

Actrol Parts also has a variety of sundry valves and fittings that find application in various industries. They include swivel connectors, swivel tail adaptors, cylinder adaptors, Teflon seal rings and line piercing valves. These products are available from leading brands like Supco, Maneurop and Heldon.

Ice banks, liquid level controls and ice makers are also available from Actrol Parts in addition to induced draught evaporators. The Brema brand of ice makers from Actrol Parts are made of compact stainless steel and are available in cubed ice and flaked ice making models.

Other refrigeration products from Actrol Parts include temperature controls, temperature difference conversion tools, thermostatic expansion valves and stage duct thermostats.

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