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Variety of weighing equipment designed by Total Engineering Systems

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Total Engineering Systems  is a company that specialises in weighing equipment. Total Engineering Systems manufactures and services weighing equipment, weighing systems and softwares. It is also known to supply precision transducers load cells.

Total Engineering Systems offers products useful for batch weighing, continuous weighing and bagging. Batch weighing products include in-process weighers, vessel weighing, bulk bag unloading and in-line check weighing systems.

In-process weighers available from Total Engineering Systems, can be adjusted to monitor the process or even control the flow rate of product. It is operated by placing the product into a weigh hopper which is accomplished through a Single Position feed gate. The feed gate closes automatically while the product gets weighed and discharged from the hopper.

Feed devices are chosen on the basis of the product which may be a screw or a belt. The entire cycle gets repeated. In-process weighers, designed by Total Engineering Systems, provide good accuracy and are ideally suited for applications such as in-process control, control flow rate into process and out loading.

Total Engineering Systems also supplies a variety of ancillary equipment like sewing machines, heat sealers, bag turners, bag flatteners, closing conveyors, platforms, hoppers, screw conveyors, bench and platform scales. Total Engineering Systems provides controllers which are digital transmitters having high accuracy.

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