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Different bagging products from Total Engineering Systems

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Total Engineering Systems  has designed bagging products which include gross weighers, net weighers and bulk bag filling. Gross weighers can bag 10 to 70kgs of the product and can be directly mounted on the garner bin. All gross weighers require power supply and clean dry compressed air for its effective operation.

Gross weighers use a two piston radial feed gate for free flowing products and a single position catch gate for non- free flowing products. The operation of gross weigher starts by placing the bag on the bag clamp. This is followed by hitting the whiskers which automatically activates the bag clamp. The two bag detection sensors detect the correctly placed bag and starts filling it. Bag filling is accurately monitored by the controller. When the required bag weight is attained, the feed device shuts down automatically. Its ideal features include open mouth bags, low headroom and low cost.

Net weighers designed by Total Engineering Systems are mounted to a support frame and requires power supply and compressed air to start the operation. Net weighers have unique advantages like higher accuracy and the person operating the net weigher need not conduct the weighing process. Net weighers provide pulse output and have the capability to achieve upto 20 bags per minute.

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