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Company Focus: Dynamic (in-motion) weighing systems from Active Weighing Solutions

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article image Dynamic belt weighers can be installed into an existing or new conveyor for accurate totalising of the passing product
Established in 1993, Active Weighing Solutions specialises in the dynamic (in-motion) weighing of bulk materials. The company designs, manufactures and services weighing equipment and complete weighing systems to meet industry bagging, blending, process control and stock management needs.

Weighing equipment from Active Weighing Solutions can be found in a range of industries, including:
  • mining
  • quarries
  • chemicals
  • plastics
  • recycling
  • food; and
  • grains.
Dynamic belt weighers

Active Weighing Solutions' belt weighers are designed to be installed into an existing or new conveyor to accurately totalise the passing product. This provides simple process control, or alternatively accurate stock monitoring.

For applications that require highly accurate addition of minor ingredients, the output signal of these belt weighers can be used as the remote set point for a gravimetric feeder.

If the set point is run through a ratio controller, minor ingredients can be added as a percentage of the main product. When the product flow rate 'drops off', the minor ingredient follows at the correct ratio.

In applications where minor ingredient addition accuracy is less critical, the flow rate output signal of the belt weighers can be used with a volumetric feeder.

Finally, the belt weighers can be used in conjunction with a pre-determining counter to allow accurate batching into rail or truck, maximising loading and preventing over weight loads.

In Process Weighers

In process weighers are designed to provide accurate continuous product weighing. When installed into a product stream, a process weigher will totalise the product, providing accurate stock records.

In addition, blending can be achieved by using the analogue output option. Used in this way, the process weigher can provide accurate blending and stock records for the final product.

In process weighers can also be configured to control the flow rate of material into a process.

In process weighers from Active Weighing Solutions feature:
  • hygienic operation due to a totally enclosed product stream
  • automatic residue cleanout, ensuing product is not left in the weigher
  • simple calibration
  • low maintenance requirements, meaning less down time
  • material totalising functions
  • flow rate measurement; and
  • flow rate control.
Loss in Weight Feeders

Active Weighing Solutions notes that loss in weight feeders are regarded as the most accurate of all continuous weighing devices. These systems have particular application where precision and accuracy is essential, and are used to deliver precise control for:
  • low materials throughputs
  • blending; and
  • managing the feed rate of minor additives.
In practice, loss in weight feeding involves the control of the feed of material into or out of a loss in weight hopper. For optimum operation, the hopper must be sized to contain sufficient material to avoid variation in product flow when the low level is reached. The hopper capacity also defines the minimum flow rate that can be achieved from the loss in weight system.

Optimum loss in weight measurement results are achieved where the product being handled has a good linear volumetric feed (from 0 to 100% of the required flow rate). In this situation, Active Weighing Solutions states that an accuracy of ± 0.25% or better can be expected.

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