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Security Guard Dogs from Active Protective Services

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Active Protective Services  have a K9 Guard Dog Rapid response team capable of attending alarm Responses, break and enters, building searches, apprehension of persons on site and for use as a deterrent.

APS Guard Dog Services are ideal for the following situations: 

  • Sites with restricted line of Sight e.g. Large Construction projects, warehoused. Trucking Yards, Car Yards, Caravan and train yards.
  • Areas too dangerous for security guards alone
  • For protection of persons or property under threat
  • Large Areas e.g. Theme parks, recreation areas
  • Sites that are particularly vulnerable to thieves, vandalism or other illegal activities due to insufficient lighting or remoteness e.g. Passenger terminals, car parks, commercial and industrial areas.


Apart from basic compatibility guard dog training, all staff undergo comprehensive training before they are allowed to work on site with a guard dog.

The guard dog training is ongoing on a regular basis. This security training is beneficial both for the handlers and the guard dogs.

There are occasions when the added deterrent and enhanced security of guard dogs can be very effective. For example, a typical outdoor compound housing a hundred or more vehicles can be more effectively and economically controlled by a single man and dog team than by two or three static guards.

With superior speed, agility, hearing, sight and sense of smell, dogs are better equipped than humans and perform incredibly well in dim or poorly lit areas.

APS recognizes that training is a vital ingredient to providing a very high standard of service.

We offer all new recruits and existing staff, comprehensive training courses conforming to and above the standards set by the Security Industry.

Teamwork and good management are fundamental principles at APS and we heavily invest in our staff.

Underlining our commitment to quality, we encourage existing staff to participate in further training and encourage a career progression within the industry.

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