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Kaye ValProbe dual logger

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article image Features platinum RTD sensors.

KAYE ValProbe is a wire-free process validation and monitoring system designed around the measurement and reporting requirements of the most intensely regulated industries.

Available from Active Instrument Services , ValProbe simplifies access to hostile, remote and hard-to-reach environments by eliminating hard-wired sensors, greatly reducing study setup time and associated costs.

The dual logger is equipped with two high-accuracy temperature sensors, each capable of capturing 10,000 data points.

The dual sensor configuration is ideally suited for measuring penetration and distribution parameters from a single instrument.

Precision platinum RTD sensors provide exceptional accuracy and durability.

The dual logger is available with pairs of bendable or flexible probes, or with a single rigid probe paired with either a flexible or bendable probe.

For the most extreme operating conditions, the dual logger is compatible with the low profile insulating canister. Designed for use with the bendable probes, the insulating canister protects the internal electronics and battery for maximum ‘time at temperature’.

Features include:

* Precision platinum RTD sensors

* Broad measurement range

* Economical field-replaceable battery

* Operator programmable sample rate, start, delay and stop function.

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