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Welders and hydraulic tools on rent from Active Hire

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Active Hire  offers rental equipment especially of use in the construction and maintenance industries. Welding machinery and hydraulic tools of a wide range can be hired from Active Hire. The complete range of welding equipment available includes MIG, tig, stick and spot welders, and plasma cutters. Diesel welders come with a maximum of 500 amp power and MIG welders, with a maximum of 800 amps. Plasma cutters are specified with 240V and 3-phase power. They have a maximum capacity of 20mm. Light weight inverters for tig/stick welders are available with VRD. Active Hire also supplies tig welders of 240v and 415v, while stick (electrode) welders come with a maximum specification of 600 amp.

Oxy-acetylene welding and cutting sets, straight line cutters and chain pipe cutters are also available for rent from Active Hire. Additionally, Oxy-LPG cutting kits, carbon arc gougers, electrode ovens and heavy duty portable spot welders with specifications of 240v and 3-phase power are also supplied on rent by Active Hire.

The hydraulic tools on offer at Active Hire include a wide range of demolition equipment like demolition saws, rock splitters and diamond core drills. The power source would be either petrol or electric motor. These tools exhibit largely noise-free operations, and are useful for use in city office blocks and hospitals.

Hydraulic and electric jack hammers can also be hired from Active Hire.

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