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Liquid crystal displays from Active Components

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Active Components  offers extensive range of electronic components and production equipment since two decades. A wide range of products from Active Components includes bumpons, cable ties, chip resistors, bags, connectors, foam, connectors, hand tools, EMI shielding ferrites, fuses and holders, inductive components, lamps, heat shrink, heat sinks, LCDs, LED displays, LED hardware, LED-Thru-hole, LED-surface mount, neon indicators, microcontrollers, plastic components, mats and other surface products.

Liquid crystal displays from Active Components has wide variety of graphic LCD modules with fast response times, wide temperature range and wide viewing angles. Liquid Crystal displays are highly reliable and design to have high contrast. Active Components also custom designs and offers special version of liquid crystal displays in accordance with specific requirements.

Active Components offers liquid crystal displays with different backlighting options which include electroluminescent, light emitting diode, cold cathode fluorescent lamps, etc. Electroluminescent backlighting is designed to have 1.3 millimetre of maximum thickness in blue-green and white ideal for intermittent use back lighting.

Cold cathode fluorescent lamp backlighting options for liquid crystal displays has low heat generation and high brightness and show good results with OE, AE lamps for colour enhancement.

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