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article image Active Air Rentals' 3.5 model air conditioner.

ACTIVE Air Rentals has introduced a new portable air conditioning unit which not only looks good but is the most powerful unit of its size in Australia.

According to Active Air Rentals, a specialist in renting portable heaters and coolers, space and style are now important to most workplaces when choosing temporary air conditioners.

The AAR 3.5 model portable air conditioner has consequently gained popularity as much for its compact size and looks as for its capabilities.

The unit is suitable for cooling areas of up to 25m3 where there is no air conditioning or where existing air conditioning is insufficient.

Such environments include computer rooms, where temperature control is vital to avoid failure; small offices; homes; sections of factories where cooling the entire area is inefficient; and individual offices where the personal comfort of workers requires additional cooling.

Active Air's Ron McConnell said there had been a steady increase in demand for the 3.5 model as more workplaces realised there were small temporary air conditioning units available that weren't as bulky and unattractive as those they may have seen in the past.

"As well as being compact, this model is quiet, easy to use and the most powerful of its size available. We deliver it, wheel it in and plug it on. We're not surprised that the market has embraced the 3.5 as there is no simpler or more effective way to solve overheating problems."

The quiet and energy efficient units dehumidify and filter air, ensuring dust and other airbourne particles are removed prior to discharge from a variable speed oscillating fan.

With a width of 377mm, height of 750mm and depth of 400mm, the AAR 3.5 will fit easily into small areas.

Active Air Rentals also stocks a range of smaller units and larger air conditioning systems to suit most spaces right up to large factories and exhibition areas.

As with all Active Air Rentals heating and cooling products, the AAR 3.5 is available on call 24 hours, seven days a week for long term or short term lease.

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