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Active Air Rentals and Fantech clear the air for 'MasterChef'

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article image Active Air Rentals and Fantech clear the air for Channel 10’s hit show MasterChef.

Active Air Rentals and Fantech played an instrumental role in clearing the air for Channel 10’s 'MasterChef'.

The program gave 20 budding chefs with no professional experience the opportunity to develop their cooking skills and become Australia’s MasterChef.
But having 20 contestants cooking in a single room could create a lot of smoke and odour that would affect both the filming quality and comfort of the contestants and crew. To find a solution for this problem the producers Fremantle Media approached Active Air Rentals.

After inspecting the MasterChef set located in Alexandria in New South Wales, Active Air Rentals consulted with Peter Hanna from Fantech to determine what fans would best suit the application.

Ventilating a film set had a few unique criteria. Any ventilation option must be temporary as the set will be used for other shows once filming of MasterChef concludes. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, noise levels are important as the fans need to operate while filming.

Three adjustable pitch 630 millimetre diameter axial fans (AP0634AP10/29) were purchased and mounted on the roof. Semi-rigid flexible ducting (600mm diameter) run off each fan and entered the set through existing windows that had been removed. The internal ductwork was hung as high as possible to ensure it was out of shot when filming in the space.

The fans had a decibel rating of only 66 at 3 metres and to the relief of the producers, when the fans were operating no noise could be picked up by the cameras while filming.

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