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Active Air Keeps Sizzling Australian Open Cool as Ice

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Not many companies can take the fame of being the backbone of Australia's and the world's well-known sports events.  Active Air Rentals has the right to take up the pride with their wide variety of air conditioning units and specially qualified service staff. The Australian Open Tennis is the first of the four Grand Slam tennis tournaments held each year. This event gains a large number of audience in spite of the high temperatures.

Therefore, most companies in Australia do not have the gumption to take up such a dynamic and prestigious event and work continuously. Active Air Rentals has experience in controlling the heat and humidity for premium sporting events including the Melbourne Cup and the Australian Open Golf. They are aware of both the domestic and international importance of these sport events and therefore, provide quality services and products. Their staffs ensure that they provide full-time and dedicated service. Their products and services include air conditioners, fans and evaporative coolers in a variety of areas including the marquees, Point of Sale outlets, player chill out rooms, photojournalist areas and walkways. Servers that controlled the lighting, the communications equipment and the Hawkeye line sensors were all kept operating using the portable air conditioners. Active Air Rentals is reliable and has ability to solve problems. These events being conducted during summer when the temperatures can easily reach the mid-30's, which means in the marquees and other closed areas, the temperatures could readily hit the mid-40's or even close to 50 degrees celcius, so these air conditioners from Active Air Rentals are not only for comfort, but also for the safety of the patrons.

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