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Rolling panels for smart tool and component storage in small space

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Automotive establishments, service technicians, general manufacturing companies and trade/retail establishments can make extremely efficient use of a small area to position and store their tools and components.  

Actistor Rolling Panels effectively provide far more surface storage area which the walls of premises alone could not even come close to reaching. They are made in Australia by ‘Defence Recognised Supplier’, Actisafe .  

The system effectively gives the user a system of storage faces which sit parallel to one another and slide in and out as required. These can have single face or double face configuration.  

Effectively, tools which have until now been mounted to all available walls of a workshop or trade depot can be contained within Actistor Rolling Panels occupying an amount of space equal to that taken up by an average industrial cabinet.  

It offers the user the ability to arrange all equipment in any manner seen fit and the open configuration ensures at a glance the clearest view of what tools/components are there and what is missing.  

Actistor Rolling panels are sized according to the user’s requirement and is provided in any colour or configuration.  

Made from steel, Actistor Rolling panels and frames are not just strong and bump resistant but also powder coated at Actisafe’s coating plant to withstand the elements and prevent rust incursion.  

Even Actistor Rolling panels’ castor rollers are industrial strength with long life bearings to ensure long, continuous operation, even on a 24/7 duty cycle.  

More than 100 different hooks, tools and brackets are available as part of the package to ensure every type of tool can be mounted on the face panels.

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