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Lightweight and Stackable Trestles from Actisafe Work on Uneven Surfaces

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article image Actitrestle is ideal on uneven surfaces

A new line of trestles has been launched by Actisafe as an efficient and lightweight alternative to traditional wooden trestles.  

The new trestles are available from workplace ergonomics specialist Actisafe to suit the needs of tradespeople, council teams, maintenance crews and general industrial companies.  

Actitrestle, the new range of trestles is made from a highly flexible and robust glass-reinforced resin.  

The trestles feature a specially engineered shape that offers high stability even if each of its four legs was placed on a different level.   

Actitrestle has the capability to allow the user to work on totally uneven surfaces without sacrificing a level work surface.  

The lightweight Actitrestle can be effortlessly lifted with just one hand and can also sustain a 300kg capacity load when evenly loaded.  

Apart from its user-friendly weight-to-load-capacity ratio, Actitrestle is also stackable allowing work crews to fit several dozen trestles in a standard utility vehicle.  

The lightweight construction also facilitates safe handling on the job site as well as while loading into or unloading from the vehicle.  

The waterproof trestles can be safely left out in the rain without causing any damage.

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