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Automatic emptying of dumpsters with Dumpmaster

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article image Automatic emptying of dumpsters with Dumpmaster

Safety and ergonomic specialist, Actisafe , has made available to industry a range of automation that safely empties standard sized dumpsters.

Dumpmaster is suitable for most industrial businesses, warehouses, government offices and depots, service stations, fast food restaurants, clubs and pubs, schools and TAFEs.

Any situation where there is an OH&S imperative to safely handle dumpsters (commonly referred to as Otto bins), the Dumpmaster is the strain free solution.

As a distributor of Dumpmaster, Actisafe says the most suitable situations for the product is where there are a lot of dumpsters in use and frequent labour input could lead to an injury.

Dumpmaster is especially suitable in situations where the business doesn’t have a forklift to lift dumpsters and manual methods would be the only option.

In licensed clubs and pubs for instance, where used bottles are sorted and placed in waste bins according to the colour of the glass, the task of regularly emptying this stock into larger dumpsters is almost exclusively performed manually.

In government department buildings, where paper and cardboard is collected for recycling en masse, Dumpmaster is a safe waste management solution.

It can function on mains electricity (single- or three-phase), pneumatic power, or rechargeable battery.
Dumpmaster is available in configurations to suit the handling of 120 litre, 240 litre and 660 litre bins.

Dumpmaster eliminates back strain and uses a simple, three-step system:

  1. the waste bin is parked in the Dumpmaster
  2. the safety gate on Dumpmaster is closed
  3. the start button is pressed

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