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200-litre drum storage equipment from Actisafe

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Actisafe and ‘Defence Preferred Supplier’ have expanded Actidrum from a single product into an entire range of technologies to handle 200-litre drums and gas cylinders.

Actidrum now embodies the following products:

  • Outdoor drum storage units
  • Flammable goods storage cabinets
  • Gas bottle safety cages
  • Drum funnels
  • Drum bins 
  • Spill pallets
Metal drum storage units:
  • Metal drum storage units are now manufactured for outdoor conditions
  • These metal drum units can be powder coated in a colour to suit the client
  • The product is manufactured in capacities to store one, two or four drums
  • It can also be configured to hold a single, 1000-litre polyethylene drum
Gas Bottle Safety Cages:
  • Gas bottle safety cages are made of steel and provide secure storage of gas cylinders
  • Available in various sizes, Actidrum Gas Bottle Safety Cages can be supplied to hold four, eight or 12 cylinders in horizontal arrangement; or four, eight or 16 cylinders in vertical arrangement
Flammable Goods Storage cabinets:
  • These storage cabinets are rated to AS 1940, AS 3780 and AS 2714
  • The flammable goods storage cabinets have a double wall with 40mm air gap acting as a thermal barrier for added security and protection
  • These cabinets are suitable for the storage of corrosive materials and pesticides in completely safe and secure conditions
  • The item can be made to customised sizes and powder coated in any required safety colour
  • Dual vents and flash arrestors are standard on this product
Actidrum ‘Drum Bins’:
  • Drum bins are made for IBC 1000 litre drums, which are placed inside for protection and bunding
  • These bins are manufactured with tune slots for use with forklifts and pallet jacks
Polyethylene drum funnels:
  • Drum funnels sized to perfectly fit the top of a 200-litre drum to provide a catchment area for any spilled liquid during the filling process
  • This item can be fixed securely to the top of a drum and is supplied with a secure cap to cover the opening when not in use
Actidrum ‘Spill Pallets’:
  • Spill pallets are made for companies that handle drums with a relatively high level of frequency
  • Available in various sizes, these spill pallets are robust and meet all OH&S expectations in case of spillage
  • ‘Inline’ versions of the spill pallets can contain two, three or four drums; a square version holds 4x200-litre drums, while a large version with 1250-litre sump caters for IBC storage

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